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The West park is located near Zadina and extends over 13 hectares. It is completely wooded and contains two soccer pitches, an entertainment and picnic area, a play park, biking and footpaths,  a bike-cross route for BMX and mountain-bike enthusiasts. In the summer, festivities and music shows are organised here which attract locals and tourists alike.

Besides the two public parks, Cesenatico also offers a chance to visit a part of the "Ravenna Natural Pinewood Reserve": the pinewood of Zadina . This pinewood is located along the coast north of the town and extends over an area of 5 hectares covered with common oak, holm oak, elm and alder. Inside the wood are a number of children's play areas. For adults with an interest in nature, guided visits can be organised with experts of the Forest Guard . The latest proud attraction of Cesenatico is a green area parallel with the beach : from the skyscraper as the jetty, the promenade features flower-beds, fountains, children's games and benches. Where a dusty car-park once stood, it is now possible to take calm walks and breath in the healthy sea air.


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