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The region of Romagna thanks to its territorial structure is the ideal location to have a sun and sea holiday together with a cultural vacation in touch with nature. Land of great historical echo succeeds to conciliate the frantic rhythm of the coast, with the peace of its hill side landscapes to, ready to welcome you to unveil their wonders.

Ravenna: Its splendid monuments are the evidence of Ravenna's ancient role as a great political, trade and artistic pole during the succession of different civilizations. In particular, the Roman Imperial period and the luminous season in which Ravenna became the core of the Eastern Roman Empire, left in the city an extraordinary collection of basilicas, baptisteries, mausoleums.

Cesena: Town of the ancient dynasty of the Malatesta, today devotes different museums to its historical heritage, such as the Malatesta's Library - unique collection of well kept ancient manuscripts, the Malatesta Stronghold - one of the most important strongholds of the region - that hosts the Museum of Agriculture. Cesena is also renowned for its town centre full of boutiques and trendy bars.

San Marino: Ancient and famous republic holding an invaluable cultural, historical, architectural and natural heritage. In San Marino it is possible to find an assortment of handicraft and souvenirs for a different and amusing shopping.

Its traditions are still alive with its monuments, the mysterious caves, its fairs; the extraordinary craftworks in wrought iron and the rust forged fabrics. Santarcangelo, a few kilometres away from the sea, is enveloped in a unique atmosphere that makes one of the most suggestive villages of the inland.

Gradara: the ancient village, with a fairy tale look and an ancient flavour, is the background of Paolo and Francesca legend, narrated by Dante. You should not miss the chance of taking a walk through its alleys, up to the wisely lit stronghold surrounded by age-hold oaks.


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